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January 13, 2012
EUROMARFOR Flag Ship PATIO disrupts a piracy related skiff

Early in the morning,12nd January the Spanish Combat Supply Ship PATIO, as an unit of the EUROMARFOR who is participating in Operation ATALANTA in Horn of Africa, has detained six pirates and disrupted the skiff they used to attack the EUROMARFOR Flagship.

Yet before sunrise, one skiff with six people on board approached the Spanish ship, trying to board her. Ship's Force Protection Team noticed the suspect movements and once authorized, issued warning shots to avoid the attack, being replied by pirates' firing while they tried to escape. PATIO launched her helicopter to relocate and to stop the skiff, carrying out the interception shortly after, and proceeding to the disruption and detainment of the pirates who executed the attack. The EUROMARFOR Flagship was 40 miles from the Somali Capital, Mogadisciu, waiting to escort one World Food Program chartered vessel, which is carrying humanitarian aid among the African country main ports.


 Armando Correia   2012-01-13 07:51:06   252 / 173730;
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