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February 06, 2012
ESPS PATIO disrupts a possible piracy related skiff with four people onboard.

03.02.2012. The Spanish Combat Supply Ship PATIO, flagship of the EUROMARFOR in the Indian Ocean, disrupted a skiff with four crewmembers related to piracy activity yesterday evening. The skiff closed Patio from abaft, and immediately increased speed to flee when the EUROMARFOR unit altered course towards the approaching vessel. Upon this very suspicious behaviour, PATIO's Commanding Officer, who experienced a pirate attack on his ship in January, decided to launch one of the helicopters to investigate and stop the skiff. After sending the boarding team, and conducting a proper investigation, there some evidences were observed that related the skiff and people onboard to piracy. Although the four suspect pirates claimed to be fishermen, no a single tool for fishing was found. The suspect pirates were examined and questioned, but as they could not be related to a recent pirate attack, they were provided with water and food, and released with the skiff. Some indications allow for the assumption that the suspects threw their weapons overboard during chase, a typical pirates' behaviour commonly known to Counter Piracy Forces. As a result of this successful disruption, the suspected pirates will not be able to carry out an attack in the near future.

 Armando Correia   2012-02-06 09:18:17   230 / 173730;
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