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April 21, 2016
ITS Carabiniere returns home

The Flagship of the Commander of EMF group for Operation Atalanta, Rear Admiral Stefano Barbieri, returned to La Spezia. The Commander of the First Italian Naval Group, Rear Admiral Francesco Sollitto, welcomed the Ship after 6 months of anti-piracy activities in the Indian Ocean.

Commander Francesco Saladino and his crew sailed from Taranto last October 9 and served for 155 days under EMF flag for the protection of national and international interests.

The crew of the ship consists of 145 military, and for this deployment has been integrated, in addition to the International staff, with a group of COMSUBIN divers and a Force Protection team of the Navy Brigade San Marco .

In his long deployment, ITS Carabiniere sailed for 4,000 hours and covered more than 34,000 nautical miles.

Mission accomplished, welcome back!

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