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March 15, 2017
The Spanish Navy hosts the EUROMARFOR SUB WORKING GROUP meeting in Madrid.

This is a technical periodical meeting, currently chaired by the Portuguese Navy as secretariat Nation, established by the representatives of the four Navies Staff, the Director and the national representatives Officers of the Permanent Cell.

The European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) activities expected in the present and following years were reviewed, including the participition in the Multicooperative Exercise with Royal Marroco Navy schedulled for May 2017.

EUROMARFOR is a multinational maritime force created in 1995 by four nations, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, aiming its employment in maritime security, humanitarian, peacekeeping and crisis management missions, under the principles of the Petersberg Declaration, either autonomously or in the framework of the European Union or other international organizations such as the UN, NATO, OSCE or even multinational coalitions.

EUROMARFOR is non-permanent but pre-structured and can be activated on request, in a mission-ready format, selected from an up-to-date list of capabilities.

The EUROMARFOR is presently under the command of the COMEUROMARFOR Flag, Vice Admiral (ITN) Donato Marzano.

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