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April 06, 2017
CINCNAV hosts the EUROMARFOR Fleet Commanders Meeting in Rome

Vice Admiral Donato MARZANO (CINCNAV) as present COMEUROMARFOR, encouraged to share concerns, knowledge and experiences, points of view on operational situation, Maritime Situational Awareness and a common perspective about the EUROMARFOR issues and the improvement of cooperation among the four EUROMARFOR Operational HQs.

EUROMARFOR may represent one of the main contributors in the framework of Maritime Security Operations, able to develop specific activities in the fields of capability enhancement of the Mediterranean neighbourhoods with the spirit to enhance the Maritime Security in the region.

The meeting was attended by all Euromarfor Nations namely Vice Admiral Marc DE BRIANÇON (ALFAN), Vice Admiral Henrique GOUVEIA E MELO (COMNAV) and Vice Admiral Juan RODRÍGUEZ GARAT (ALFLOT) 

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