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June 28, 2018
EMF TG completed SWORDFISH 18 and head south for Multi-cooperative exercises

The EUROMARFOR TASK GROUP accomplished the first part of its mission for tis 35th activation after completing a demanding training during the SWORDFISH 18.

The escort task group is composed by NRP Corte-Real as flagship of the COMGRUEUROMARFOR Capt (PRN) Paulo ALVES MARITNS and integrates the French Navy AOR FS Somme and the frigates ITS Scirocco from the Italian Navy and ESPS Canarias form the Spanish Navy.

The exercise constituted one of the training activities that the four EUROMARFOR nations agreed to schedule for the current year in order to increese the interoperabilities and the readines of the EMF TG.

The units will now sail to western Africa where some cooperation activities are scheduled in the next weeks, during the transit the Units will continue training activities and will operate in support of the common Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) in order to contribute to keep Mediterranean Sea and its approches safe and secure.

EMF is a multinational maritime force created in 1995 by four nations, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, aiming its employment in maritime security, humanitarian, peacekeeping and crisis management missions, under the principles of the Petersberg declaration, either  autonomously or in the framework of the European union or other international organizations such as the un, NATO, OSCE or even multinational coalitions. The EUROMARFOR task group, once activated, will be composed by naval units of the four members nations tasked to accomplish specific missions or to perform specific trainings and cooperation activities

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