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July 04, 2018
Strong Cooperation between EUROMARFOR and Mauritanian Navy

The EUROMARFOR TASK GROUP composed by NRP Corte-Real as flagship, FS Somme, ITS Scirocco and SPS Canarias, with the support of the French Navy Falcon 50, concludes this year activities with Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

This unique opportunity, presents the first time that the Mauritanian Navy conducts this activity with EUROMARFOR and therefore a great opportunity for setting up procedures to allow preparation and execution of common maritime activities as well as an initial integration and interoperability with other naval forces.

The overall plan has been mature to support dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation in maritime operations facing international security challenges.

All activities included in the In-Port Training period were draw on a progressively and demanding approach based on the capabilities enhancement in the framework maritime security.

To enrich this phase the in port rehearsal’s with VIP visits promoted the opportunity to reinforce the relationship among all participants.

At sea, the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, the Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) focused on illegal activities, the Vessel Boarding, Search and Seizure (VBSS), the protection of merchant shipping and the vessel in distress with medical evacuation procedures were trained at an advanced level of complexity and concluded the last day of the MCE 18.

All the activities resulted very profitable thanks also to the involvement of the Mauritanian Patrol Vessel Timbedra and the SOF Team.


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