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July 05, 2018
EMF TG proceed to Cape Verde for Multi-Cooperative Exercise 2018-2 while farewell FS Somme

The opportunity of conducting a cooperation activity in the nearby waters with Mauritanian Navy allowed the EMF Nation’s to consider Cabo Verde Armed forces as partner for the multi cooperative exercise 2018-2.

This option was considered as a unique opportunity to promote EMF at the edge of EMF Nations maritime frontier, in a Nation that for its strategic position at the southwestern door of the Mediterranean Sea and current level of growth, rise as a very interesting partner for the EUROMARFOR scope.

After a succesful outcome of the MCE 18-1 the EMF TG is now sailing bound to the port of Praia where a wide set of training and social activities are scheduled for the next few days.

EUROMARFOR gave his farewell to FS Somme for the outstanding performance during this long activation wishing her fare winds and following seas for hers next deployment.



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