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April 27, 2019

The ESPS Segura (M-31) is the first minehunter of the «Segura» class. She was built  by E.N. «Bazán» in Cartagena and launched on July, 1997 and commissioned in April 27, 1999.

ESPS Segura has been built using Glass Reinforced Polyester (GPR), what gives her a low magnetic signature as well as a high level of resistance to the shock waves produced by underwater explosions occurring during operations or accidentally.

Her primary task is to detect, locate, identify and dispose of both bottom and moored mines. To accomplish this she mouths and AN/SQQ-32 sonar, one remotely operated vehicle «Pluto Plus» and several «Minespiner».

Besides, she has a precise navigation set and a Command and Control Integrated System for planning and data management.  All this is complemented by a Positioning and Maneuvering Control System that, apart from giving the ship an exceptional maneuverability, allow her to sail and to conduct mine-hunting operations automatically.

Lieutenant Commander Manuel GARCíA DE QUESADA DELGADO is the Commanding Officer of ESP SEGURA that will integrate the EMF task group under the Operational Control of COMEUROMARFOR the Vice Admiral (PON) Henrique Gouveia e Melo.

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