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April 28, 2019

On 28th of April 2019, in Mahon Naval Base, was officially activated the EUROMARFOR (EMF) Mine Counter Measure Task Group (EMF MCM TG). This event remarks the 40th activation of EMF along hers 24 years of existence.

The ceremony was held on board the Portuguese ship NRP Figueira da Foz that has been tasked as flagship for the Commander of EMF TG (CGEMF), Commander (PRTN) Duarte da Conceição. The task group includes a detachment of Portuguese Navy Divers, embarked on the flagship, and three Mine Hunter type Units from France (FS Orion), Italy (ITS Rimini) and Spain (ESPS Segura).

During this activation, the EMF MCM TG will take part to the Spanish exercise SPANISH MINEX 19 to enhance the combat readiness of the Units in the mine warfare environment.

The ceremony was a good opportunity for the CGEMF to highlight the importance and role of EUROMARFOR as a structured and international maritime force hers importance in the delicate role of preserving the freedom and lawful use of the sea. 

Several local military and civilian authorities including the mayor of Mahón, Dra Conxa Juanola Pons, the Force Commander of the exercise, Captain (ESP N) Rafael Arcos Palacios, as well as all commanders and representatives of the other Task Groups (NATO and Spanish Navy) involved. 

In his speech, the CGEMF also remarked the operational capabilities of EUROMARFOR recalling his uniqueness of being a non-permanent but pre-structured force able to deploy in very short time notice. He also recognized the importance of training EMF forces in such challenging exercise scenario set in the SPANISH MINEX. Eventually he addressed special thanks, using the four official languages of EMF, to the commanding officers of his TG.

The 40th activation will remain under the Operational Control of the COMEUROMARFOR, the Portuguese Vice-Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo.


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