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May 03, 2019

On May 2nd, 2019, COMGRUEUROMARFOR, Commander (PRT N) Duarte de Conceição, visited two of the EUROMARFOR mine hunters under his command in ESP MINEX 19.

During his visit to the Italian Navy Mine Hunter ITS RIMINI and the French Navy Minehunter FS ORION, it was remarked  the operational capabilities of the Units and was proved, once again, the commitment of the EUROMARFOR crews to pursuit the assigned tasks and also their pro-activity .

FS ORION has a length of 51 meters, for a total crew of 50 people, with a top speed of 15 knots, as well as for ITS RIMINI, which is 52 meters long and has a crew of 44 people.  Both Units are equipped with hyperbaric chamber, for the initial treatment of diving accidents, and 2 ROV's (Remote Operative Vehicle), for the identification of marine mines. Minehunters are especially designed for underwater investigation being fitted with sonar and video systems, cables cutters and detonating devices to neutralize underwater mine remotely. They are normally built in fiberglass to survive to shockwaves of underwater explosions.

The primary mission for these type of units is reconnaissance, classification and neutralization of moored and bottom mines, making safe coastal waterways and guarantee the freedom of use of the see to all users.

Their underwater search and identification capabilities are exploited not only in mine warfare but also in support of other mission that may need of bottom survey capabilities, underwater wire and pipelines check, wreck location and archeological site survey as well as marine anti-pollution task.


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