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May 08, 2019
Commander of EUROMARFOR task group onboard ESPS SEGURA

Today, the CGEMF, Commander (PRT N) Duarte de Conceição, visited the spanish Minehunter ESPS Segura that integrate with the FS Orion, ITS Rimini and the flagship NRP Figueira da Foz the task group under his command during the ESP MINEX 19.

"Segura" class minehunters was named after these first Unit, the ESPS Segura (M-31) built by E.N. Bazàn in Cartagena and launched on July 1997. As well as all the other units of the task group, she is fitted with hyperbaric chamber for the safety of the divers team and remote controlled underwater vehicle for stand-off identification and possible neutralization of seamines or explosive artefact.

During  the visits the ESPS Segura Commanding Officer remarked  the operational capabilities of the Unit lively while operating during the ongoing tactical phase of the Spanish Minex 19. Furthermore results achieved during the past days and impressions about the forthcoming tasks have been analyzed. 

The activities of the EUROMARFOR MCM task groupunder the Operational Control of the Commander of European Maritime Forces, the Viceadmiral (PRT N) Henrique Gouveia e Melo, will continue until the end of the Spanish Minex.

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