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June 15, 2019
NRP CORTE REAL ready to assume duty of flagship in EUROMARFOR Task group

Portuguese frigate Corte-Real will shortly take de duty of flagship ahead of the European Maritime Forces (EUROMARFOR) presently under Portuguese Command. The Units will integrate the task group that will be activated in Lisbon to accomplish to the activities agreed by the four Nations composing the Force.

NRP Corte-Real is a medium size and tonnage frigate type surface warship, featuring significative diversity of command, control and communications systems, versatile in its use, which reaches its full combatant potential when integrated in naval forces. 

Regarding its sensors, the ship has a medium range radar for air and surface detection, a short range radar for close air detection, two fire control radars, one navigational radar and a medium range sonar for subsurface detection. It is also fitted with an electronic warfare system which allows to detect and identify electromagnetic emissions and also to make use of its active protection measures against those emissions. 

Regarding its weapons systems, it is emphasized its 100mm artillery gun to engage short distance air and surface targets as well as naval gunfire support; long range anti-surface missiles; short/medium range air defense missiles; a close-in weapon system for very short range air/surface defense; two triple torpedo launchers for anti-submarine defence; several small caliber weapons for control and repression of small craft threat tasks. 

As organic asset it works the Super Lynkx Mk95 helicopter that was commissioned in the Portuguese navy in 1993. It is a anti-submarine oriented asset, fitted with a variable depth sonar and Mk46 torpedoes, although it may be employed in many other roles, such as search and rescue, passenger and cargo transport, fast rope insertion (for quick tactical insertion of special forces teams during boarding tasks), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) and also to increase the ships capability of surface picture compilation range for long range missile engagements. 

The Portuguese Navy frigate NRP Corte-Real has accomplished several missions in Portugal and abroad since she enters on active duty in 1991 NRP Corte Real including  humanitarian assistance, multinational cooperation and maritime security operations. Since December 2018, Commander António Jacinto Coelho is the commanding officer of NRP Corte Real.

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