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June 16, 2019
French light frigate Commandant Blaison integrates the EUROMARFOR task group

Thi Units was built from 1979 to 1982, “Commandant Blaison” is the thirteenth aviso of “DESTIENNE D’ORVES” frigate class. She began her career in Brest on April 28 th , 1982, and then joined the Mediterranean Flotilla (FLOMED) in Toulon in October 1994. Since June 2000, her homeport is Brest.

The “Commandant Blaison” is under the patronage of LAPALISSE, home town of Commander Blaison. With their satellite communication devices and their weapons, avisos participate in various operations:
- Patrols and defense of the national naval borders and the French concerns overseas.
- Participation in crisis solving for national or international purpose.
- Public service interventions.
- Submarine force support.

FS Commandant Blaison is under the command of Commander (FR N) Antoine Belot and integrates the 42nd activation of European Maritime escort task group under the tactical command of Captain (PRT N) Salvado de FIGUEIREDO and the operationall command of the COMEUROMARFOR VADM (PRT N) Henrique Gouveia e Melo.

During this activation the EUROMARFOR Task Group will take part to the CONTEX-PHIBEX, which is the largest maritime exercise organized by Portuguese Navy , and will continue its activities with a cooperation activity of maritime security together with Royal Moroccan NAvy.

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