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October 31, 2021

After one year marked by several exercises cancellations due to COVID-19 pandemic, EUROMARFOR (EMF) was again able to raise “EMF flag” participating in the main advanced and demanding Spanish Exercise FLOTEX 21. This participation in FLOTEX 21 confirms the return or the EMF Flag at sea.

FLOTEX 21 is a MARITIME INVITEX LIVEX, the annual advanced exercise of the Spanish Fleet and is currently being carried out mostly in the Gulf of Cadiz, Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Sea, from 31st October to 5th November 2021.

EUROMARFOR Nations approved the activation of an EUROMARFOR Task Group (EMF TG) in this exercise which includes two Surface assets provided by Spain (ESP BLAS DE LEZO) and Italy (ITS RIZZO). Their mission is to participate in the FLOTEX 21 Tactical Exercise Phase (TACEX) in the assigned areas in order to enhance the combat readiness of the Force.

 ALFAN OCF   2021-11-04 11:57:11   355 / 159123;
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