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March 10, 2022

Did you know that EUROMARFOR has a Staff Permanent Cell (PC) that guarantees the continuity of planning and liaison with National Naval Authorities (NNA) and National CHOD´s functions?

This cell is constituted close to the COMEUROMARFOR, and has one officer for each participating nation (French Navy, Italian Navy, Portuguese Navy and Spanish Navy), and they are permanently assigned to the post.

A Director of the PC is appointed from the officers of the COMEUROMARFOR's national Staff, and he manages the cell and will represent the EUROMARFOR at the EUROMARFOR Sub-Group meetings. He will also stand for the COMEUROMARFOR when necessary, including at the POLMIL WG meetings. The EUROMARFOR PC is supported by an Administrative Clerk.

The EUROMARFOR PC will carry out its activities at the COMEUROMARFOR HQ and will be located close to the Planning Division, at this moment in Rota Naval Base.

From left to right: Admin Clerk (SCPO Jesus Ortigosa); ITA REP (CDR Christian Faloppa); FRA REP (CDR Nicolas Galtier); PC Director (COR Ignacio del Cuvillo); PRT REP (CDR Fernando Conceição); ESP REP (CDR Fernando Moliné)


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