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March 16, 2023


The EUROMARFOR Permanent Cell (PC) has a staff that is responsible for planning and liaison with National Naval Authorities (NNA) and National CHOD´s functions, and it is constituted by one officer for each participating nation (French “Marine Nationale”, Italian “Marina Militare”, Portuguese “Marinha Portuguesa” and Spanish “Armada”), and they are permanently assigned to the post working close to the COMEUROMARFOR.

Commander Christian FALOPPA, officer from the Italian Navy is one of the Permanent Cell members, representing Italy.

Commander Faloppa, was born in Roma (Italy) in 1972 and joined the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) in 1993.

He has served on board Destroyer "Ardito", "Maestrale" Class frigates, Cruiser "Vittorio Veneto"; following in 2003 he embarked on the Corvette "Sfinge" as Gunnery officer and one year later he covered the duty of Executive Officer. He was even embarked in many different auxiliary ships.

Commander Faloppa is specialized in artillery and missile systems, is also certified as Naval Tactical Officer and NATO Operational Planner.

Graduated as Joint Staff Officer in 2006 at the Istituto Studi Militari Marittimi in Venice he has served in the Italian Joint General Staff, operation planning Branch.

In 2007, as Commanding Officer of "Panarea" Auxiliary ship, he supported the mission of the 28th Naval Group in Albania, oriented at manage the sea migration from Albania.

Promoted Commander in 2014, he assumed in 2017 the Command of the 1st Auxiliary Squadron in La Spezia (Naval Unit composed by 11 ships).

In 2018 he was committed in NATO Joint Force Command Naples as J9 CIMIC Staff Officer.

In 2019 he has been posted to the Operation EUMARFOR ATALANTA, as Future Operations Assistant Chief of Staff.

He assumed his current duties as Italian National Representative in the EUROMARFOR Permanent Cell in September 2021.

In total, more than 20 years embarked and at sea; among those he participated in Operations NAURAS and ATALANTA.

Commander Faloppa is married and a proud father.

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