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April 27, 2023
Director of the Maritime Area of Interest Coordination Cell (MAICC) visits EUROMARFOR in Rota Naval Base.

Visit of the Director of the Maritime Area of Interest Coordination Cell (MAICC) to EUROMARFOR in Rota Naval Base.

Today 27th of April, Brigadier General Bart Laurent, Director of the MAICC, who is also the Director of Operations of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS), met with the Director of the EUROMARFOR (EMF) Permanent Cell and its staff, in order to improve mutual understanding and expose how and what EMF can offer to Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) as an EU CMP initiative.

This visit enforced the previous visit held in Brussels last September 2022, establishing and enhancing the link among this two entities.

The main objective is to plan activities in the GoG, that can contribute to Maritime Security, improve knowledge of the maritime environment and develop the maritime capabilities of the coastal countries, always in coordination and support of EU initiatives.

Created in 1995, EUROMARFOR is a multinational, non-permanent, pre-structured Maritime Force that is activated for specific periods in order to improve capabilities and whose priority objective is to support European Security and Defence requirements in the Maritime domain.


The leadership of EUROMARFOR (COMEUROMARFOR) rotates every two years among the four participating countries. The Admiral of the Fleet, ALFLOT, exercises command of this force from September 2021 to September 2023.


EUROMARFOR at sea for Peace.

 ALFLOT ORP   2023-04-27 16:17:48   275 / 173731;
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