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June 06, 2023

EUROMARFOR (EMF) raised again the “EUROMARFOR flag” to participate in the main advanced and demanding Spanish Exercise FLOTEX23.

FLOTEX 23 is an annual maritime live advanced exercise, sponsored by the Spanish Fleet and will be carried out in the Alboran, Balearic and Western Mediterranean seas, from 5th to 16th June 2023.

This exercise will cover the main warfare areas and will provide training opportunities to surface ships, Mine Countermeasures, submarines, aircraft and amphibious forces.

EUROMARFOR Nations approved the activation of an EUROMARFOR Task Group (EMF TG) in this exercise which includes three Surface assets provided by Spain (ESPS “Santa Maria”), Italy (ITS “Comandante Foscari”) and France (FS “Chevalier Paul”).


ESPS "Santa María"


ITS "Comandante Foscari"

FS "Chevalier Paul"


The Commander of the EUROMARFOR TASK GROUP (COMGRUEUROMARFOR) is Captain Isidro Carrara Navas, to whom was delegated the Tactical Command (TACOM) of the EUROMARFOR TASK GROUP (EMF TG).

He is also Commanding Officer of the Spanish Navy 41st Escort Squadron.

CAPT. Isidro Carrara Navas



A multinational Staff is embarked in the flagship (ESPS “Santa Maria”) in order to support the COMGRUEUROMARFOR.

EUROMARFOR force assembly in Almeria


Their mission is to participate in the FLOTEX23 in the assigned areas in order to enhance the combat readiness of the Force.

EUROMARFOR 28 years at sea for peace.

 ALFLOT ORP   2023-06-06 10:55:20   221 / 184953;
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